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About Woad-inc™

Woad-inc is the trading name of a Norfolk farmer who has diversified into natural indigo pigment extraction following five years growing woad for the MAFF-LINK (INDINK) and Spindigo projects. Dr David Hill's article entitled "A Journey into the Blue", gives a very clear account of his quest for the re-introduction of natural dye pigments which initiated these two research projects. To read a copy of this article, click here.

Initially involved in growing several alternative crops, woad is the one that has now developed into a full-time business for us. A range of wares dyed with natural indigo pigment from woad grown and processed in Norfolk are available to purchase from our online shop.

We work with craftspeople who make up items for us, either with woad dyed yarn or we piece-dye them once they are made. This enables us to trial different ideas, and can offer many individual items to complement our standard lines.

We aim to combine best quality materials with our blue woad dye to provide superior, contemporary homewares and clothing, so we shall have a modern slant on a traditional product.

We are also members of Produced in Norfolk, which is a community organisation run by producers for producers. It strives to protect rural skills being lost from our communities. Members range from traditional cider makers and bee keepers, to contemporary furniture makers and dyers!

For more information about who we are and what we do, you might like to read the following magazine articles, which have been kindly written about us:

For all other equiries, please contact us.