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Additional Resources

Bleu de Pastel de Lectoure
This company is based in France, and specialises in growing woad and extracting pure woad pigment in powder form.

Visit their website at: http://www.bleu-de-lectoure.com

Denham the Jean Maker
A label built on experimentation and resourceful innovation. Jason Denham is a well respected producer of high quality clothing based in Amsterdam. He has made jackets from Dutch army tent material and literally cut Dutch Army Blankets for linings and facings for their LONGSHORE D.G.L., the JOCKO D.G.L., the FERRY 2-in-1 Parka as well as their PATCH tote bag.

Jason and Ian colluded on small range of woad products including boxed tee shirt dye-kits and handmade scarves. Jason also managed to convince Ian to subject his Grade Slim to the full Ian Howard dyeing process. Hand-dipped in pure natural indigo on Ian's farm and line-dried under the blue dome of an English sky the resulting First Edition jean is bluer than blue and as British as Mr. Denham and Mr. Howard. Jason's moto is '"The truth is in the details".

Visit their website at: http://www.denhamthejeanmaker.com

Fiery Felts
Helen Melvin is an artist specialising in felt landscapes using fibres she dyes with natural dyes. Visit her website at: http://www.fieryfelts.co.uk

Nicholson's Herb Farm
A family-run business based in Cambridgeshire - in the rural fens. They offer something that bit different, to encourage customers to buy naturally raised herb plants direct from the grower.

Visit their website at: http://www.nicholsonsherbfarm.co.uk

Produced in Norfolk
A not for profit organisation which is part of a growing movement of social enterpises in the UK, of which we are members.

Visit their website at: http://www.producedinnorfolk.com

Renaissance Dyeing
This company specialises in naturally hand dyed yarn, fine crewel embroidery thread and wool dyed using natural plant dyes.

Visit their website at: http://www.renaissancedyeing.com

Tender Co
Tender Co is the new design label created by William Kroll, for whom we have dyed jeans, jackets and T-shirts in natural indigo, weld and woad. His designs are based on traditional rail workwear - hence the company name. A great deal of thought goes into the detail of his designs.

Visit their website at: http://www.madebytender.com

The Mulberry Dyer
Historical dyers, embroidery designers and naturally dyed spun thread producers. Visit their website at: http://www.mulberrydyer.co.uk

Threads of Life
Threads of Life encourages weaving communities to revive techniques of weaving and natural dyeing that are in danger of disappearing.

Visit their website at: http://www.threadsoflife.com


Article: "A Journey into the Blue" by David Hill
Read this article online - click the link below:

Book: "A Dyer's Manual" by Jill Goodwin
(ISBN 0-95444-010-2 second edition)
Available direct from: http://www.adyersmanual.co.uk

Book: "Wild Colour" by Jenny Dean
(ISBN 1-84000-084-8)
Available from most good bookshops.

Book: "The History of Woad and the Medieval Woad Vat"
by John Edmonds (ISBN 9-05341-330-6)
Available direct from Woad-inc. Buy online...